When it comes to making friends many of us have issues.  When connecting with others on an emotional level, the though of getting hurt or betrayed can stem from past events.  As such, contacting a behavioral therapists harahan to help you work through these issues may be a wise investment.  Here are some other tips as well you can apply after you work out your main issues.

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Find a common interest
Most friendships are built off of common interests.  These can be fishing, hunting, playing computer games, reading books or something totally random.  Also, when looking at interest it can be items like wearing the same clothes, being in the same class and more.

Don’t judge
When it comes to friendships the last thing you want to do is judge people.  Everyone on the planet is different.  We all have different likes, dislikes, habits, goals and objectives.  These are all what make us unique individuals and are thing that will make people either like us or don’t like us.  So, don’t judge one person over another person. 

Support people
Good friends are supportive.  They are there when people need them.  They will go out of their way to see that their friends have before they do and much more.  When we support people, we know that we can count on them in times of need. 

Limit your friends
One thing that you want to do is limit your friends.  When we have a lot of friends it can actually become really stressful.  When we have more than two or three friends that we hang out with on a regular basis eventually someone will feel as if they are being pulled in multiple directions.  When we limit our friends to a select few with only one really close friend then it is much easier to manage and handle.